A Different Kind of Saturday

0001-260385869I thank God we do NOT have to be perfect in our roles as mothers.

Saturday mornings at our home can be busy. Prepping for a game or wrapping a gift for an afternoon birthday party may be the start of our weekend while the kids are typically running around or watching cartoons in their pajamas. This Saturday morning, however, was different. Rather than having a rushed morning of a quick breakfast and packing the car for the day, our Saturday began together on the couch. Both my children were totally pressed upon me, one on each of my sides and in concert with each other they were talking and pouring out all sorts of ideas and things that were running through their heads. Normally this would have been a distraction to the events planned for the day, and normally, I would have told them to stop interrupting each other and hurried them along in their thoughts so that we could get on with our day. But as I sat there I was ever so gently reminded of the love of Jesus and his love for all his precious children. My love as a Mother is good. But the love of our Savior is perfect and eternally enticing to all his children.



My kids were drawn to me in that moment, not because of what I had done or said, but because of the love of Jesus that they were receiving through me. They were feeling his unconditional love, not mine.




pins-laundry-541718_1920A Mother’s love is only complete when it is coming through the grace and love of Jesus. I don’t have to be perfect as a Mother. I just have to allow Jesus to love my children through me, and it is only through His unconditional never-ending love, He who is in us, that we can supply all the needs and love to our children. It was a not so typical Saturday morning moment where unscripted and unplanned became PERFECT love at its best.

“Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them. For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

From my nest to yours,


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